Miniaturization of Drug Nanocrystals Production

Top-Down nanosizing of mg amounts of poorly-soluble drugs

The developement of nanosuspensions using mg amounts of drugs makes it possible to apply the enabling top-down manufacturing of drug nanoparticles to new drugs at early preclinical development stages.

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Sirolimus nanoparticles tablets

StaniTab® crystalline sirolimus nanoparticles are readily processed to manufacture tablets

Sirolimus is a poorly soluble and fragile immunosuppressant drug marketed as an oral tablet formulation (Rapamune®) incorporating nanoparticles produced by wet ball milling.
Crystalline sirolimus nanoparticles have been produced by the StaniTab® process. The StaniTab® active substance can be readily processed to manufacture tablets using conventional mixers and tablet press.
2 mg StaniTab® sirolimus tablets exhibit a in vitro dissolution profile similar to those of the marketed drug product Rapamune®

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